I wanted to use my Acer AspireOne to control my Filament winder one.
I just need a dump terminal - nothing fancy.
There is no native serial device so I needed to use an adaptor.
There is also no serial terminal program pre-install as far as I could see but it was trivial to install minicom by using YUM.
The serial adapter wasn't plug and play with Linpus and Arjan was kind enough to sort this out for me.

To use a USB to serial converter (aten brand) Arjan sent this..


Found out the A1 has no kernel mod for the chip we need.
Do this:

Copy attached file (as root) to:


sudo depmod -a


(plug in the dongle)


Now you should have a registered serial device

Use minicom to set up

Ctrl-Z o
Device is /dev/ttyUSB0

Have fun


I tried the above and it worked - however minicom always says "offline".
Despite that it talks to my SAM7 just fine.

The file he mentions is here - pl2303.ko (23.81 KB)