A few years ago I had a hair mineral analysis performed and to my surprise my lead levels were off the page - literally.


Here is the report (left) along with another test about a year later.
The dates are 7/feb/05 and 2/mar/06.

According to the first test - I had five times the nominal safe level of lead and somewhat high levels of cadmium.
The lead was not just off scale but would have been off the page.

I asked some questions and was pointed to some new research which indicated that coriander was able to remove heavy metals from the body.

It was unclear what part of the plant or whether it should be cooked or raw.
The effect was initially notice with people eating Vietnamese soup - I didn't find out whether coriander is cooked in the soup or not.

I'm not fond of raw coriander but would have eaten a bucket full if that was what was needed.
I ate fresh stuff, seeds, sauce and a lot of bottled minced stuff. I also adding it to all my cooking.

Assuming the tests are accurate it seemed to work, 13 months later all my heavy metals were much lower. Lead was down by a factor of five and now on the edge of "safe".
Interestingly Cadmium was almost halved.

One negative result on the second test was I was totally deficient in molybdenum. I doubt this is a co-incidence but I don't really know.

Some of the forums I visited researching this initially warned that the detox would fill your liver with lead and you'd have to detox that. This seems illogical to me as the detox effect was notice as elevated heavy metal (I think it was mercury is this case) in the urine of the soup eaters. If it is in the urine it is not stuck in the liver.
I also notice a fad for "rapid" detox - there are plenty of recipes for "seven day XYZ detox" etc.
Unless your having serious symptoms I see no reason to rush the process.

Coriander is unlikely to do you any harm unless you're allergic to it.

I didn't know if it would work or what dose was needed. I would have been pleased with any significant lead reduction and a drop of 80% was more than I expected. After the second test I stopped eating significant quantities of the stuff but continue to use it when cooking.
I should really have another test to check if my molybdenum levels have recovered but I haven't yet.

If you have a heavy metal toxicity problem I can't tell you whether you should do this or seek conventional treatment. I'm just reporting what results I had.
PS. The Lab I used is ARL http://arlaus.com.au
The toxic element report is one minor part of the analysis.
Here is Oz you can deal direct with ARL and save a packet compared to using a health practitioner.
The cost was about $135 au


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