Like any site using a reasonable server Nerdipedia costs money to host.
I can tell you at this point our take from visitors clicking adsense is only a few dollars in almost a month.
To be viable we need more traffic - probably in the order of 1000 visits a day average is required.

One of the best ways to help us is to promote our site for us.
If you find something cool here spread the word. Blog it, link us in forums etc.
What we don't want is hotlinking and hotlinks are now actively blocked.

We could also do with more content but we need to be a little selective because we may have problems if the database grows too large. We have 13Meg DB now (galleries are separate) beyond 50meg we will need new DB tools or split the wiki. I expect it will be a few years before this comes to a head.
If you have a project that you think fits well here let me know.

Also ideas for new wikis can be entertained - the catch is you might have to run it :-)