Who are we?

I'm Eddie and I host the site and play mother hen. I have more interests than time to pursue them and at the time of writing most pages here are written by me.

I've never met Daniel or spoken to him. He contacted me about porting my sonar to win-ce and Nerdipedia was born when he needed a host for his binaries. Daniel is currently our main attraction and most visits to this wiki are to his pages.

I've known Arjan since 2002 or so when we both worked at CSIRO. A big Dutchman living on a mountain with views of Brisbane. He has many similar interests to me. He is a bit more into the I.T. side of things and will be my partner running the new VPS account.

I just met Kieron this weekend (may 2008) while visiting the said mountain to visit Arjan. He is a traveler and artist with a passion for light weight gear (cycling,hiking camping).
He is interested in making a lighter turbo-stove and hopefully we will see some wiki pages by him after he returns home to the UK.

I remember Mike from the school train in the mid 70's. We went to different schools and didn't talk then. We met again a few years later because we were both into micros (note this is years before apple-2 etc). I wrote a bit of stuff for the 2650 and Mike wrote a lot more including an improved monitor program and much of a DOS.
We ended up staying friends ever since and our joint interests included Amiga computers and lots more.
Mike also came of several remote island camping trip I and others organized and met his wife on one such trip. He is still the sharpest software guy I know.