April 2012.

We are up to version 8.3 now. Every upgrade seems to have bugs. I'm have shoutbox problems this time.



Yet another upgrade nightmare. As good as tiki is with its million lines of free code - upgrades are hell.

Nerdipedia has be down or at least crippled for five days or so. Every major upgrade seems to have major bugs. New installations work fine but upgrades from old versions often fail.

After upgrading to V5.3 the homepage would load fine except for the main menu. Clicking most links would result in a white screen. A few pages still worked and the shoutbox worked but I couldn't do anything useful - such as use the admin pages to find the problem.

I assumed I'd done something wrong because some of my other wikis upgraded fine. I'd been deleting files to try to free up space so I figured I'd deleted something vital.

I tried various backups and borrowed files from other installations but nothing worked. We also had two power failures due to storms and the VPS also went down for half a day - so everything seemed stacked against getting it working again. Work gets in the way too.

Yesterday I managed to enable the PHP error messages and got this.
Fatal error: Class 'WikiParser_PluginOutput' not found in /home/nerdiped/public_html/lib/tikilib.php on line 5620

I'm no PHP programmer but I managed to temporarily hack tikilib.php in order to get the site up and admin pages working again. All I had to do was comment out the line...
$ret = $this->plugin_execute( $plugin_name, $plugin_data, $arguments, $real_start_diff + $pos+strlen($plugin_start), false, $options);

This worked and after removing my custom menu module from the left column the line could be un-commented again.
The offending line in the module was --- {menu structureId=13 css=y }

The statement {wikistructure id=13} also crashes the wiki.

The statements will also generate the same error on a wiki page. Unless they are is a non-parsed section as I've done on this page, so you can see them.

It seems almost anything in curly brackets causes a crash.
Even {m} will cause the error.
However {} or {5} do not.

This is not true for all my installations. Some upgraded to 5.3 without any problems.
I think I had two fail and two which work - I've put off upgrading the rest.

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eddie, 11:29 AEST, Sat 22 of Jun, 2024: Offline wiki repair is mostly done. It is running on tiki-27-alpha
eddie, 18:14 AEST, Sun 12 of May, 2024: Phase one of wiki repair is to upgrade to V22 (the last version with image galleries). All 150 images in the wiki-up directory are broken and need manual wiki page repairs.
admin2, 19:45 AEST, Sun 28 of Apr, 2024: Tested tiki 26.2 on a raspberry pi. Tiki 26 does not support image galleries so I have to try again after migrating images to file galleries.
eddie, 13:04 AEST, Thu 10 of Aug, 2023: Offline tiki 26 upgrade went badly. Waiting for 26.1. Will limp on.
System Administrator, 18:45 AEST, Wed 26 of Jul, 2023: Recovered from lockout but unable to upgrade to V24

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