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Note that these are plans not promises.

In progress



In the new year I unexpectedly became a (almost) full time carer for my 87 Y.O. mother. I've taken indefinite unpaid leave from QUT. I have moved into mum's house and all nerd projects have been on hold. I should get some hackspace functioning soon. Internet is currently by tethered mobile phone.
Of course the Brisbane flood of 2011 didn't help either. Not flooded but power and other services were disrupted.


September update.

A month ago I was burgled for the second time in 14 days. Being burgled a second was ten times as bad as the first.
Natasha calls this an "ice age" event - meaning that it was an event which changed my world.
I've had no time for nerdy stuff since then and I expect it will be another month or more before I write much more for nerdipedia.

Project-Y is on hold for other reasons and projects for the rest of the year are likely be be home security focussed. I never want to come home to a ransacked house again. The decent majority of us need to get more organised and remove these thieving scum-bags from society.

January update.

Project-y still isn't finished. It is close but is waiting on input from someone else.
I'm still trying to get the system (AVRs) reliable - they crash every couple of days.
I will do a seconds pass over PY one day to tidy up.
There are a lot of fun things to do after PY is finished but I have no definite plans at this point.


I have a top secret project (project-y) which will take all my spare time for 2009.
Most of my projects for the year relate to project-y, if you can guess what it is that's fine but I can't give details at this stage.

I plan to make a filament wound pressure vessel aproximately 2.4 mtr long and 800 mm across.
Step one was to make a small filament winder to determine how feasible it is. It is also to see whether the carriage needed to be syncrhonized to the spindle and whether I should wind the fibre wet or dry.
This is has been completed for a 1/10 scale tube and a 3/8 scale prototype.

I have also been working on driving a nokia colour LCD clone for a monitoring system.



Web work.

I have a couple of new contributors and hope to write a few help pages for them.
I would like to build up the site to the point where it can pay for itself WRT hosting.
Add revenue has dropped despite a doubling in traffic.

I also put up an open wiki as a trial.


I bought a 2KW peak model brushless motor and controller - one step towards an e-bike.
Got some gears but need more. I broke my RC transmitter and have to repair it.


After sorting out the hosting I'll be doing more work on the C# version of emserver.
May port sonar to c#.
I'm planning to run mono and mono-develop on my aspire one. May port some of my delphi to C# if time permits.

The steam stuff is on hold hoping the cyclone engine becomes a reality.

The radar experiments are still a long way off.

Other long term plans include designing a quad rotor model helicopter.
A grass pelletizer, a pellet stove for space heating.
Some some of alternate transportation - electric, external combustion or hybrid.

It will probably never happen.

There are a few things which would be fun/neat but I'm unlikely to ever get around to.
Correcting my book and writing some more would be good but I'm not getting anything done on it and world events are overtaking my story line.

It would be cool to write a version of forth in CLI (common language interface).


Micro menu.

I'm still trying to fix my epson 2100p. New print head fitted, new pump fitted - bad cap unit seal against head.

If the printer works again (and that isn't a sure thing) I'm thinking of an other ink chip hack to get rid of the chips in the cartridges all together and using on micro inside the case to emulate them. This would make the printer much more reliable as most of the downtime has been chip contact problems.

I would probably attempt to port my parallel port chip reader/writer to C# first.

Setting up our new hosting account, testing it with a little used domain and then moving nerdipedia there.

Finished the little turbo-stove - tested on a 5 day hike.


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