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I set up Nerdipedia (NP) as a collaborative tool for my nerdy friends, others interested in advancing my projects or those needing hosting for complimentary efforts.

Now in the second half of my first century on earth it is apparent there simply isn't enough time to do everything I want. Collaboration is a way to make our hacking more efficient. Unfortunately, now two and a halve years after starting NP, there has been very little help from anyone except my local friends and Daniel. A few visitors have emailed information and photos but no-one has taken the trouble to put up new pages.

For those who don't know me personally and may wish to join us I think I should state my wishes.

I want NP to be content rich but informal. If someone wants their NP page to be formal that is fine but mine aren't. On the other hand I wouldn't like to see NP become a blog about trivial matters.
I don't mind some humor though - my mascot page is not exactly nerdy but is popular.

I'm using the term "nerd" very broadly, some of the stuff I post may not be nerdy in everyone eyes.

Many open sourced projects would fit well here whether they be hardware or software.

Advertising etc - mine.

I am generally opposed to advertising. I think most advertising is a waste of time and resources and the world would be far better off without it.
However I feel I shouldn't be expected to pay to host free material indefinitely.
While hosting is cheap I don't mind funding it - but cheap hosting has problems - see hosting.

To be pragmatic - advertising is the most practical way to get a fraction of a cent per view revenue from our visitors. In the ideal world we would have a micro payment system to give visitors to choice of paying for ad free viewing.

I have put adsense on the site and I think it is one of the least offensive advertising mediums around.
So the deal is the adsense revenue is mine to use as I see fit. So far the revenue wouldn't buy a cup of coffee so it may not even cover the hosting fees.

2009 uspdate.

Adsense doesn't come close to covering costs. It makes less that 20% of my VPS fees.

Advertising etc - others.

Providing editors have real content on their pages I don't mind if they have commercial links, reasonable adds or donation buttons.

Over the years I've had many requests for exchange links to pages with no content and low page ranks. I don't think people should expect traffic if they haven't gone to the trouble of providing some original useful material for their visitors. The web has too many useless pages so let's not add to the problem.

I've put a little money and a lot of time in setting up NP and hope it grows substantially in the near future.


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