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My opinion of bluehost has taken a big dive since first writing this page.
I am no longer an affiliate and I no longer have a bluehost account.
I was going to drop this page but on reflection I don't know anyone better for cheap shared hosting. I have a VPS with JaguarPC but haven't tried their other services.

My experience is very limited but I've read a lot of reviews and have come to conclusion all cheap hosting is crap - only the depth varies.

My biggest frustration is with unhelpful level-1 help staff. They can't handle anything but the most trivial problems and can't or won't pass you higher up the chain till they have wasted a bunch of your time.

Be aware that promises of terra-bytes of bandwidth are pretty meaningless when the bottleneck is CPU power.
There are something like 500 domains hosted on each server so on average you don't get much processing power.

Personally I'm looking at moving to a virtual host - this isn't cheap and is not something for the novice.


Eddiem.com in it's various forms has been funded out on my own pocket for the ten years or so that it's been online.

A year ago I added an affiliate link to defray costs - you can still be the first to sign up with it.

This is my affiliate

{img src="img/wiki_up/bluehost1.gif"|"link=http://www.bluehost.com/track/eddiem/text1}

I've been with Bluehost a couple of months and I'm very impressed with the service and features.

Other hosts look good in theory but when you read the reviews it is a different matter.

One concern though is the high load on their servers.
If you plan to run a PHP site such as a wiki or wordpress don't expect your bluehost site to stay up if you get hit by the slashdot or digg crowd.
If you expect thousands of simultaneous users you need dedicated hosting and you're will be paying serious money - not cents a day.

This page is hosted by bluehost and at the bottom of this screen it shows the execution time and server load so you can see for yourself.

This month (July 07) bluehost installed fastCGI and the load seemed to be improving.
Next month extra caching is being added so hopefully they will stay on top of the problem.

My main site http://eddiem.com is also hosted on bluehost if you want to check the speed of a regular (non-cgi) site.

Of course if you sign up - your account won't be on the same exact server so it is only a guide.


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