Sat track

Sat Track is a new improved version of SatCE dedicated to Windows phone 7 and 8.
However Sat Track has a bunch of improvements.
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Sat Track

1. The sky mode, which is the most important is now 3D and is rotated to the correct sky position by internal phone sensors. It is very accurate because of additional alignment tools for yaw from sun or moon position. Peach and roll can be calibrated from ultra precise spirit level in settings (0.01deg) with visualisation. In 3D sky mode the sphere can be also rotated manually. The precision is impresive, calculated sun position is exactly where sun from camera is (just remember to use dark glass or 2-3 black slices of photographisc film).

skynew1.png skynew2.png
skynew3.png iridium.jpg

There is also available 2D mode for sky presentation as in SatCE. Both modes 3D and 2D are with nice images of planets, moon and sun. Everything can be zoomed and fluently rotated. This mode uses multithreading for satellite calculations and for presentation.

2. The space mode is now fully 3D and uses XNA for nice graphics (like DirectX). With this mode the user location is pointed by red dot on the globe. Selected satellite by 3D satellite model and not selected satellites by green points. Everything is 3D also lighting so you can see real moon shadow and planets shadows. Sun reflectivity from the earth surface, simple atmospheric effects and animated satellite trajectory.

DSC03296.png Space1.png Space2.png DSC03298.png DSC03299.png spacenew1.jpg

3. The map mode is with high resolution earth map which can be zoomed. The satellite visibility is now presented by filled area which is also something new in comparison to similar applications.


In this mode as in sky mode, satellites can be selected by double tap of the screen.

4. There is also real camera mode but under development. With the mode it is possible to see light objects and they calculated points together. Unfortunately mobile cameras are not very sensitive and only iridium flares can be seen together with calculated satellite position.

5. Standard text mode which is more clear than in SatCE and devided on 4 screens.
newmain1.png newmain2.png newmain3.png

The rest functions is the same like in SatCE so simply you can see it in SatCE page. At the moment Sat track can calculate 24 hours of passes for iridium flares in less then 1 min with Nokia Lumia 800 that is really fast.
Sat track uses phone location services but this information is used only for satellite position calculations.

Allignment procedure:

1. First be sure that accelerometers and magnetometers are working correctly
2. Callibrat pitch and roll on a flat surface
3. Calibrate yaw in horisontal position (roll must be possibly close to 0 deg). If calibrate from sun use black glas to avoid camera damage.
With out this callibration the precision is usually +-5 deg for yaw and strongly depends on local magnetic field. In case of Lumia phones in a cover for usb port is a small magnet. If the cover is not properly closed the magnet changes local magnetic field causing bigger error.


I would like to thank authors of “Star Chart” and “SatView” for inspiration. SatView has really impressive graphics in space mode and “Star Chart” very impressive graphics in sky mode.


v. 1.35
-added names of satellites in real camera mode
-corrected errors from debuging raports (mostly for weak devices not supporting advanced functions)
-small text corrections
-in free version removed baner with advertiising

v. 1.3
- reduced size of aplication from 11MB to 3.5MB
- cleaned code
- removed small bug in main screen
- added antena azimuth as suggested by users
- added satellite selection to display like in SatCE
- small correction in text in sky mode (iridium is now only for iridium satellites)
- small code corrections
-small text corrections

v. 1.2
-corrected milky way rotations
-added more graphics to the text mode
-small text corrections
-slightly improved 3D graphisc in space mode
-in free version the windows menager is corrected

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