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Download MView v 1.41 for Windows CE 2002: mview2002.arm.CAB (214.74 Kb)

Download MView v 1.40 for Windows CE 2003: MView2003.arm.CAB (231.64 Kb)

Download MView v 1.40 for WM5 and higher: MView.arm.CAB (231.64 Kb) Examples: Examples.zip (36 Kb)

Copy the file to the device (do not uncompres it) double tap the icone. This will start the self instalatin process. The *.cab files are self extracting archives performing the complete instalation.

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MView is a molecular viewer. This software can be very useful for all people interested in chemistry or crystallography. This program together with data base for chemical substances or crystal structures can give you access to structural information every time you need it. This version can show up to 280 atoms in mono or stereo view. In case of crystal structures you can extend the view in x, y and z directions. The readable molecular formats are the most popular for such software. This program is prepared for structure optimalisation with molecular dynamics. This version can recognize bonds type according to the symmetry of molecule.

Tool bar

Select – allows to select atoms, sellected atoms can be deleted. Additionally this option allows to calculate distances, angles and torsian angles between selected atoms.
Rotate – Defolt rotation of atoms.
Zoom – zooming the molecule.
Shift – shifts the molecule and its rotation center on the screen.
Cut off – cut off the view of atoms.

Menu bar
File menu
Open – allows to open different molecular files formats. The supported files formats are *.sur, *.bul for crystal structures and *.xyz, *.pdb, *.ent, *.mol, *.sdf, *.sd, *.mdl, *.ml2 for molecules in Cartesian coordinates.
Save – prepared to save molecules data in different files formats.
Exit – exit program.

Edit menu
Select all - select all atoms.
Unselect all – unselect all atoms.
Delete selected – delete selected atoms.
Replot- replot all atoms with defolt settings.
Center- move to screen center the entire molecule.
Find bonds – recognize the typ of bonds bases on atom properietes and the molecule geometry.
Autorotate- autorotate the molecule in selected rotation.
Measure – measure the following parameters:

distance between two atoms (two atoms have to be selected),
angle – measure the angle between 3 atoms (three atoms have to be selected),
torsian- measure the torsian angle (four atoms ave to be selected in correct order).

To performe the calculations corectly don’t change the ordre by deselecting and selecting again the atoms.
Atom info – information about atom.
Cell info – information about crystal cell. The file must be of *.bul ar *.surf type. Also the reciprocal cell vectors are calcuatted.

Plot settings – This window allows to set number of parameters.
Check Z – the order of displayed atoms is check,
Rander – not implemented,
Show vectors – schow directions to which the molecule was denoted,
Asign bond type – this option display the bond type if is off simply one stick ,between atoms is displayed,
XY, YZ plans – show the small windows from different camera locations,
Simplyfy – Because the graphisc ingine bases on API therefore sometimes the simple atoms presentation can improve the spead,
Line thisk – bond thicknes,
Perspective factor – this value afect the perspective. 0 meens no perspective,
Size of ball – the atom radius in ball and stick mode,

Bacground - Allows to set the background color.

Crystals – Window with parameters descrybing the crystal.
The number of repetition of the cell in x, z ,y directions. Show the cell on/off.

Input file – allows to edit the input file.
Data list- list of atoms with their parameters.

About – about the program
Help – the link to the help


- Finish the MM+ structure optymalisation and finish the save mechanism

List of improvements in version 1.3.5:

Solved problem with to high number of reading atoms (slow down of the draving engine)

New futures in version 1.3.5:

reads following new formats:*.mol, *.sdf, *.sd, *.mdl, *.ml2

List of improvements in version 1.3:

- minor code improvements

- improved visualization engine

- improved reading of *.pdb format (less errors and can read the connection matrix)

- number of atoms extended to 240

- smaller molecules for xz and yz windows

- memory management

New futures in version 1.3:

- pseudo shadows for atoms

- atom information

- torsian angle calculation

- auto rotation in all directions (edit menu)

- rotation with "arrow keys"

- recognition of bond type based on molecule geometry on/off

- recognition of atom type for molecular dynamics calculations

- centering the molecule on the screen

- add unit cell in case of crystallographic data

- separate menu for crystal properties

- molecule orientation vectors on/off

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