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question about dynavac single stage vane pump

Mike.A wrote....
I read your writeup on the resin infusion and I am very excited to give it a try. I have a question about the pump though. You say you use a Dynavac pump. Could you maybe help me out and tell me a bit more about this pump? price? where to purchase? alternatives? Thanks again!, I look forward to giving this a try.
I replied...
Dynavac are serious pumps - expensive, noisy, use lots of power, run hot and use toxic oil.
I haven't run mine for years. I even scored a bigger one off an electron microscope - I've never wired it up.

I use a sealed unit/pump from a fridge (like a bar fridge) obtained from a dump. You have catch the oil that comes out and add oil once in a while.
They aren't as gutsy as the dynavac but they are quiet and use maybe 1/10 the power.
I added a fan to keep it a bit cooler - it gets hot here in summer.

I've probably used in for a few hundred hours so far. Not sure what you are planning to make but my little pump work fine for all the little jobs I do.
There web pages out there on using fridge pumps/compressors/seal units for vacuum.
Ciao Eddie,

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