I've been getting a few vacuum infusion questions lately by email. It seems like using a forum would be better as it saves me repeating myself. Any registered user should be able to post here.

The another option is to set up a wiki page and let users use the comment area. There is also open.nedipedia.com where any registered user has full editing permissions along with galleries.
I can also set up mailing lists but they have been a flop. Too many choices

Unless others participate this forum is a waste of time and I'd be better off just doing another wiki-page, that gives me better editing feature and pictures.

Any comments?

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eddie, 13:04 AEST, Thu 10 of Aug, 2023: Offline tiki 26 upgrade went badly. Waiting for 26.1. Will limp on.
System Administrator, 18:45 AEST, Wed 26 of Jul, 2023: Recovered from lockout but unable to upgrade to V24
eddie, 23:20 AEST, Sun 29 of Aug, 2021: moving to new server
System Administrator, 17:23 AEST, Thu 12 of Aug, 2021: Image thumbnails not working for gallery images. Problems with the GD extension.
System Administrator, 19:44 AEST, Mon 09 of Aug, 2021: uploaded wiki and database to main server. It didn't work but the old wiki and repaired database seem to mostly work.

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