Aug - 2008.
As much as I dislike the current advertising era the technology is interesting.
Arjan and I can creating some hiking sites and are hoping for some referral commissions to fund the effort.
Adsense on this site as been a total flop so we don't want to depend on that or any other advertising middle men.

The new sites are both joomla and tikiwiki based. We would like the manually target ads. For example if a pages on walking Tassie is being displayed it make sense to advertise Tassie related items.

I suggested Arjan write an ad server program but then discovered and open source ad server that looks like it can do the job.

It has had a few name changes but the current version is openx 2.6.

I registered and after much drama manually installing it there and sorting out all the correct file ownerships and permissions it is working fine.

I don't really know how to drive it but it is serving up some dummy ads to by the time you read this there could be real ads there.

I expect to change the mascot image currently display here at nerdipedia to an openx banner.

It would be nice to find a non-advertising use for the server.