I bought turnsharp today. They sent two copies of the welcomed emails and keys so no doubt I will be billed twice. I emailed them and got a reply about 14 hours later that one copy would be refunded.

After trying to convert a 1000 line prog I was very unimpressed. There were about 500 errors. There are things which are very difficult to translate but TS made a lot of very basic mistakes.

The first errors were where it didn't recognize $ff as a hex number.

There were 24 error like this " cannot declare instance members in a static class (CS0708)" which were fix by making the variables etc static.

Then in a form I had it created a public class then forgot to use it so there are a zillion errors where it said stuff like "View.Show;" instead of "viewcode.View.Show();". This could also be fixed with a suitable "using" statement.

This looks like output from a beta program not a cutting edge commercial release.

Here is a simple screw up that took a while to find.

TS converted..

repeat QueryPerformanceCounter(now);
until (now - start) >= mscount div 2;


{ QueryPerformanceCounter(out now);
while( (now - start) >= ppinkchiprst.mscount / 2);

The ">=" is wrong it should be "<"