The DVRP-4GS is a Body Worn Camera 2.0 MP, (3.2 MP Enhanced) Spy Camcorder Pen & Still Cam
Source http://www.spycameras.com
These are promoted as spy cameras but they also have more benign uses.

Technical Details

* Sensor: CMOS 2M Pixel (3.2 MP Software Enhanced)
* Sensor Mode: Color
* Sensor Size: 1/5 "
* Sensitivity: 3 lux
* Lens Type: Pinhole
* Focal Length: 5.5 mm
* Viewing Angle: 50 Deg. Horiz.
* Optional Lens: No
* Max Video Rec Quality: 640 x 480
* Max Video Rec Speed: 20 f/s
* Memory Type: Flash (Permanent)
* Max Memory: 4 Gb
* Memory Usage: 260MB per hour
* Motion Detection Rec: No
* Time Stamp: Yes
* Video Format: 3GP
* Compatibility: PC & Mac
* Audio: Yes
* Power Rating: 3.3V
* Power Type: Internal & External Batt
* Batt Type: Lithium Ion
* Batt Life: 1.2 (internal), 3+ (External) hour
* Dim (Length): 5.8 "
* Dim (Diameter): 0.58 "
* Housing material: Metal
* Included Items: Metal Case
* Special #1: Still picture capable




Image Click on the image to download a 33meg video clip taken using the pen cam. This video is reduced to about half the original image size and also about half the file size. The native 3gp format has been converted to mpg

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