Sonar Win Phone

Sonar for Windows Phone 7 and 8

Sonar is a successor of the famous SonarCE program but is written for Window Phone devices.
The code of Sonar is greatly improved in comparison to SonarCE what reflects on its stability and performance.
sonar works in three modes:

- the linear continuous mode shows echo changes with time like in real sonar.
- the ruler mode cumulate measurements and shows the values of peaks when touch with finger
- the angular mode shows echo depending on the phone orientation in space. This mode bases on the magnetometer
therefore the exact orientation strongly depends on the local magnetic field

Like SonarCE Sonar uses autocorrelation function in time domain. How it works you can fine in Wikipedia under autocorellation function. Unfortunately new windows phone devices are limited in sample rate of 16000 samples/s which is lower than in case of old PocketPC devices. This has effect on the sound quality and the Sonar precision.

Sonar can save the scanned images, this has to be set in options. Images are stored in photo gallery.

cumulative.png rotational.png rotate2.png linear1.png


-Added scale 0 correction,
-Added in advanced settings number of bites (output signal) skipped in analyses

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