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AVRASM ver. 2.1.9  E:\avr\mega8inkchip\RWchip.asm Sun Sep 28 10:56:20 2008

E:\avr\mega8inkchip\RWchip.asm(2): Including file 'E:\avr\mega8inkchip\m8def.inc'
                 ; working registers for the program. 
                 .def 	EEdata	 = r13
                 .def 	EEPending	 = r14
                 .def 	chipId	 = r15
                 .def	temp 	 = r16
                 .def	counter1 = r17	; counters for various routines.
                 .def	EEcount  = r18
                 .def	counter2 = r19
                 .def	counter0 = r20
                 .def 	count	 = r21		; Bit counter 
                 .def	serbyte  = r22
                 .def	work1	 = r23
                 .def	EEindex  = r24
                 .def	SyncFlag = r25
                 .MACRO	led1on	
                 	cbi	PORTC,PB2	; LED ON
                 .MACRO	led1off			
                 	sbi	portc,PB2	; LED OFF
                 .MACRO	led2on	
                 	sbi	PORTD,PB2	; LED ON
                 .MACRO	led2off			
                 	cbi	portD,PB2	; LED OFF
                 ;Reset  vector (must be the first code generated)
000000 c00b              rjmp   RESET         ; Reset Handler
000001 9518              reti   ; Ext Interrupt 0 Handler (not used)
000002 9518              reti   ; Ext Interrupt 1 Handler (not used)
000003 9518              reti		     ; Timer1 Capture Handler 
000004 9518              reti   ; Timer1 Compare Handler 
000005 9518              reti   ; Timer1-B compare Handler (not used)
000006 9518              reti   ; Timer1 Overflow Handler (not used)
000007 9518      		reti   ; Timer0 Overflow Handler
000008 9518      		reti	
000009 9518      		reti	
00000a 9518      		reti	
00000b 9518      		reti	
                 ; code starts executing here on reset
00000c 98a4      	cbi	dataddr,data0bit;
00000d 98a5      	cbi	dataddr,data1bit;
00000e 98ac      	cbi	dataport,data0bit;
00000f 98ad      	cbi	dataport,data1bit;
000010 e50f          ldi temp,LOW(RAMEND)    ; set the stack pointer
000011 bf0d          out SPL, temp
000012 e004          ldi temp,HIGH(RAMEND)    
000013 bf0e          out SPH, temp
000014 9aa2      	sbi	DDRC,PB2	; Enable led driver.
000015 9a8a      	sbi	DDRD,PB2	; Enable led driver.
000016 9aaa      	led1off
000017 9892      	led2off
                 ; Work out chip ID from EEPROM data.
000018 e38f      	ldi EEindex,$3f			// the ID bits are in eeprom cell x3f
000019 d0a3      	rcall readee			// read the eeprom.
00001a 9506      	lsr temp				// move the ID bit into the bottom 3 bits.
00001b 9506      	lsr temp
00001c 9506      	lsr temp
00001d 9506      	lsr temp
00001e 7007      	andi temp,7				// this shouldn't be needed.
00001f 2ef0      	mov chipId,temp			// mov the ID into another register where it stays forever.
000020 d094      	rcall   waitsyncPL		// if sync is low wait.
                 // 	led1on
000021 d063      	rcall getnib			// get the three ID bits and the R/W bit.
000022 2399      	tst	SyncFlag			// see if sync went low before nib was recieved.
000023 f449      	brne waitchip2			// sync was low back to start
000024 2d7f      	mov work1,chipId		// get chip ID from low register to working register.
000025 1707      	cp temp,work1			// compare - will be equal if ID matches and R/W = read mode.
000026 f411      	brne notreadID 			// if not equal we jump to test for write mode.
000027 d035      dosend:	rcall senddata		// The ID etc match so we call the rountine to dump the EEPROM data to the printer.
000028 c004      	rjmp waitchip2			// finished - possibly due to sync going low. Return to start.
                 notreadID: 					// check for ID+write bit
000029 6078      	ori work1,0x8			// add the write bit to our ID
00002a 1707      	cp temp,work1			// compare again.
00002b f409      	brne waitchip2 			// if not equal go back to start
00002c d002      	rcall data2eeprom		// was equal so call write eeprom rountine.
                 //	rjmp waitchip2			// finished - possibly due to sync going low. Return to start.
00002d d08b      	rcall waitsyncNL		// wait for sync to go low (if it isn't already) before looping back.
00002e cff1      	rjmp wait4sync
                 ; Note the printer usually only writes a few bytes. The 32 byte write happens in the external chip writer. 
                 data2eeprom: 				// Stored data to the EEPROM till 32 bytes are stored or sync goes low.
00002f 98aa      	led1on
000030 24ee      	clr EEpending
000031 e280      	ldi EEindex,$20			// This is where the data lives in the EEPROM.
000032 e220      	ldi EEcount,$20			// This is the maximum number of bytes to store.
                 //	ldi EEcount,$3			// This is the maximum number of bytes to store.
                 getbyte: ; get byte from serial stream return type in temp or ff in temp if timeout etc
000033 2766      	clr serbyte					// clear sync flag register
000034 d03f      	rcall waitclkPE				// wait for clk high edge, data bit in temp and sync flag returned
000035 2399      	tst	  SyncFlag				// test for sync low.
000036 f4a1      	brne  abortGB				// if low return.
000037 20ee      	tst EEpending
000038 f019      	breq notpending
000039 d01a      	rcall EEWrite				// data byte was pending call EEPROM write rountine.
00003a 24ee      	clr EEpending
00003b 9583      	inc EEindex					// Inc index to next address
00003c 9566      	lsr		serbyte				// shift the shifter
00003d 7100      	andi	temp,1< carry
0000ab f410      	brcc OutLow					// if carry clear jump to "output a low"
0000ac 9aac      	sbi dataport,data0bit		// we are sending a one so set output pin high.	
0000ad c001      	rjmp DecOutCount			// go to loop counting code.
0000ae 98ac      	cbi dataport,data0bit		// output a low - set pin low.
0000af dfea      	rcall waitclkNE			// wait for a clock edge or sync low.
0000b0 2399      	tst SyncFlag				// was sync low.
0000b1 f411      	brne abort					// yes it was low leave loop and return.
0000b2 953a      	dec counter2				// dec counter
0000b3 f7b1      	brne OutLoop				// if non-zero repeat loop
0000b4 9508      abort:	ret						// either the byte was sent or sync went low - return.

                 waitsyncPL:	; look for positive LEVEL of "sync" line - not the clock.
0000b5 b300       	in	temp,syncpin
0000b6 7400      	andi	temp,1<


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