Some of the original printed printer part.

THE Printrbot.

Created by abdrumm Feb 4, 2012
This is the real deal, no derivatives here. These are the real Printrbot in it's current version.

A pulley for use with XL belts

Created by Jaydmdigital Created on Mar 3, 2011
A XL 10T pulley with a locking setscrew.

Parametric Herringbone Gear Set for Greg's Accessible Wades

Created triffid_hunter Aug 13, 2011

My modified or ported printrbot parts.

This section is redundant because you can just view my thingy-verse page.



Modified Y bat end
It is similar to a thing by buckyball but has the hole in a different place.
The hole is where I think it needs to be for my printrbot - this may vary from bot to bot


This is a port of buckyball's ZEST to sketchup.
This is a mod brooke made for early printrbot kits. New kits have this incorperated into the base already.
It is for holding the Z axis limit switch.


XL10t_pulley increased to 26mm around the screw hole. The original looks OK but they have been spiltting near the screw.
Based on thingiverse.com/thing:6822 but redrawn in sketchup.

Created by eddie. Last Modification: Thursday 24 of May, 2012 20:50:44 AEST by eddie.

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