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    update please
    georgewang928 Wed 02 of Jul, 2008 14:20 AEST

    it could not work on WM6 & WM6.1 ...

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    Great software but i cant run on WM6
    raulvola Thu 17 of Jul, 2008 22:18 AEST

    Great software.

    I have search for years a program than calculate Iridium Flares like this.

    But, this program dont run on my HTC phone with Windows Mobile 6.0


    Raul de Frutos (Spain)
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    What to do
    dicke Wed 13 of Aug, 2008 18:20 AEST

    I downloaded that software, but it tells me it is not registered and I should visit this website. Ok here I am - and now ?? Please advice?

  • only DK can help you.
    System Administrator Thu 14 of Aug, 2008 12:03 AEST

    We'd all like to see Daniel back and posting new stuff.
    There isn't a whole lot you can do but wait for him to surface again.
    As I said in the shoutbox - he is having his new home refurbished and has no regular access to the internet and his PC is packed away.
    Daniel does have his email address posted on his "Daniel" page if you want the try contacting him.
    I expect he will be back online by the end of the month (August 08).
    He could be back any day now but then again he could be further delayed.
    Not being a wince user myself I don't know what the registration code on this page does.
    I believe the bugs in SatCE have been fixed. He needs to recompile and test it before posting the new version.
    Remember registered users can use the watches (the eye symbol at the top of this page) option to be emailed when this or any other page gets updated.
    Eddie (Admin).
  • paypal
    System Administrator Thu 14 of Aug, 2008 12:08 AEST

    Your paypal button doesn't seem to work.
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    My reason for registration
    dicke Thu 14 of Aug, 2008 17:56 AEST

    Hello Ladies,

    yesterday I asked how to register the software because I saw only the start-window telling me it is an unregistered version and then the software disappears. So I thought I have to register to get it started. Now I know it's a problem with the application. I used the latest version (1.34) for Pocket PC 2003.

    After a small search I found an older version (1.29) of the application and this is working on my PDA.

    The issue with this software is, that I loaded the .tle file for the Orbcomm-sats on my PDA and in the Orbicom-software on my laptop and the locations of the sats are different (1000 miles)!!!!! Then I took the .tle file for the international space station and the locations are the same.

    So currently the hole tracking-area looks a little suspicious to me but I hope someone can clarify this issue.

    Thx for your attention and help in advance ....
    • Registration
      Daniel Kaminski Tue 14 of Oct, 2008 06:44 AEDT

      The registration code is on top of this page!!! In case of any problems try to delete the registry entry and start SatCE from begining.
  • WM 6.0 version
    Daniel Kaminski Tue 14 of Oct, 2008 06:49 AEDT

    I don't have experience in programing WM 6.0 but when I will posses a new device with this system then it will be more easy :-)
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    Motorola Moto Q 9h
    merlin1158 Wed 04 of Mar, 2009 08:26 AEDT

    I have tried several times to install your wonderful program and each time I get a error message that it did not install and is not made for my device. My phone runs Windows Mobile 6.1 and WM 5 download does not work either. Are there any
    updates available or planned in the near future?
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    lucien74 Fri 25 of Feb, 2011 22:58 AEDT

    great job.
    an amazing software.

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